the volume of investment deals on the market of industrial
and logistics space in Q1 2022

191 million EUR


capitalization rates for prime multi-tenant properties


increase of rental rates for industrial and logistics space
in early 2022

€ 0.2–0.4 per sqm per month

25 million sqm

exceeded the total supply of modern warehouse space
in Poland at the end of Q1 2022

In the report you will find, among others:


Macroeconomic analysis by Professor Witold Orłowski, with possible scenarios for the development of the Polish economy.

Industry highlights regarding the logistics and industrial sector - the condition and prospects.


Trends that will play a decisive role in shaping the warehouse market in Poland in the coming years.

Experts' comments from companies such as 7R, Colliers, Fiege, and Rohlig Suus.

Opportunities and challenges

One of the most important risks to business development is uncertainty, which is why we have attempted to look into the future in this report, trying to answer several selected key questions about the state of the Polish economy in 2022 and how the war in Ukraine affects its development prospects. We also look closer at the industrial and logistics sector.

We invited Professor Witold Orłowski to jointly work on the report, who prepared a macroeconomic forecast outlining the potential directions of Poland’s development in the shorter and longer term. Only in such a broad context are we able to clearly see all the opportunities and threats to business. This makes it easier to prepare for the future.

Investment attractiveness

In observing the data on the industrial and logistics sector in Poland, we have been witnessing continuous growth for several years now. The risks which hinder the development of other industries have the opposite effect in the case of logistics and warehouses. Specific phenomena are responsible for the good fortune – some of them are only temporary, while others are the so-called megatrends, which are responsible for the extensive transformation and development of this part of the market, making it one of the most desirable investment assets.


The inevitable increase in rents will draw even more attention to the optimization of service charges, while the said clean energy and proptech solutions will gain in importance as they will help save energy and water.

Tomasz Lubowiecki
Founder and CEO of 7R

Łukasz Jachna
Board Member, Chief Capital Markets Officer at 7R

Capitalization rates for new processes are still very competitive, which is related to the growing pressure to increase rents, driven, among other things, by rising construction costs.

The significant changes in consumer behaviour, goods production, supply chains, and pandemics have all led to I&L becoming one of the most sought-after property classes globally.

Kevin Turpin
Regional Director of Capital Markets, CEE, Colliers

Customers – especially multinational corporations – realize that climate change means business risks and have to be factored into the calculations. This applies to both the long-term effects related to reducing the carbon footprint and to ongoing savings.

Maciej Chmielewski
Senior Partner, Director of the Logistics
and Industrial Agency, Colliers

Adam Galek
Member of the Management Board of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

We have also been noticing greater interest in buffer warehouses in the CEE area. As a result, we are also intensively developing the warehouse infrastructure to enable our current and new clients to increase the level of their safety stocks. We have more than 30% additional warehousing space contracted for this year alone.

If operators, customers, developers and equipment suppliers focus on the (frequently joint) resolution of problems, it will once again transpire that we are able to effectively find ideas on how to operate in critical situations and how to get through this difficult period together.

Tomasz Przybył
Director of Sales and Marketing
Head of Business Development at FIEGE

Paths to growth in 2022 perspective

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